B.C. Premier announces new initiative to support first-time homebuyers

The B.C. government is announcing a new program it says will help more British Columbians buy their first home.


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Costs associated with buying a home

Your mortgage isn’t your only expense when buying a home. In fact, there are several closing costs that you must pay before you can take possession of your house

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Does it make sense to pay a penalty to break your current mortgage and lock in at a lower rate?

In the ongoing search for the lowest rate for your mortgage, and bragging rights to your friends and family, when should you pull the trigger? 

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2015 Final Housing Stats Revealed

CMHC released its final housing starts report for 2015 on Monday morning.

The trend measure for housing starts in Canada edged down to 203,502 in December from 208,204 in November. Total starts for the year, meanwhile, increased.

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5yr Canadian Yield Nosedive
With the Nosedive of the Canadian 5yr yield since September 2014, why haven't the banks passed along those savings to consumers? Read More
Mortgage Referrals To Banks Could Lead To Conflicts Of Interest

Banks are hungry for mortgage referrals from real estate agents.  They're so hungry that they're willing to pay up to $500 per $100000 of mortgage, just for a Realtor to send you the bank's way.

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Is that home really affordable? A Reality check for 1st time homebuyers.

 When you own a home, your costs move even higher over the years. That's why you have to consider not only affordability today, but also in the years ahead.

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What the current mortgage rate increases really means to the bottom line

If your currently looking at purchasing a home, you've probably been watching the mortgage rates ... particularly them going up since the beginning of June.


Granted, these rates are still historically low, however lets look at what the change in the 5yr fixed rate from 30 days ago to todays current rate really means to the homebuyer.


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12 Questions That Mortgage Brokers Get Asked Every Day

While dealing with client inquires on a daily basis, I realized that there are about a dozen questions that I consistently get asked. Knowledge is power so I thought I should share those questions and answers.

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What is a Mortgage Broker

If you own a home you'll probably need to get a mortgage. But how do you get one? Which one is best suited for you? Who do you go through to help you through this process? The answer is a Mortgage Broker.

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Canada Housing Bubble: Prices Boomed In Second Quarter, But Warnings Accumulate

Whether Canada’s real estate market is among the strongest and most resilient in the world, or whether it is on the precipice of a major correction, now largely depends on whom you ask.

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Mortgage Refinancing ... The In's and Out's

A mortgage doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Whether you’re interested in a lower rate, consolidating debt, or tapping into home equity, there may be good reasons for you to refinance. As of July 9th 2012, you can refinance up to 80% of your home’s value.

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Immigrants, young buyers to buoy home sales, CIBC says



A large bubble of people in their prime home-buying years, coupled with an influx of immigrants, is poised to support Canada's housing market for the next decade, a major bank economist said Thursday.

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Top 10 Do's and Don't in Home Staging

Thinking or currently have listed your home for sale.  Here's the top 10 list of don't and don'tsto keep in mind.  (don't worry, I've been caught doing one or two on the don't list)

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Home Flipping 101

Home Flipping in Vancouver seems improbable, however, here's a great checklist you should read, and if your not affraid of a little hard work and patience, you could snatch a great bargain and create a fair amount of equity. Speak with a qualifies and experienced mortgage broker and a knowledgeable Realtor that focuses in the area you want.

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